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  • 1The long, silky hair of the angora goat.

    ‘Their large herd of Angora goats that are sheared for the fiber the goats produce, mohair, are rounded up twice a year.’
    • ‘His great-uncle started the business in the mid-19th century when he moved to Bradford from Turkey to trade in opium for the pharmaceutical trade, wheat, barley, fur and mohair.’
    • ‘Farmers from as far as Jilingarra, Gidgegannup, Merredin and Armadale visited the farm to see a team of local shearers and the preparation of mohair for sale.’
    • ‘Three local shearers will be in action and a professional mohair classer will inform people of the grades and differences in quality of mohair.’
    • ‘I can't think of a single subsidy that actually got eliminated, not even honey or mohair.’
    • ‘The business developed into three strands: one dealing in mohair, another in combing wool to be sold on to spinning factories and the third in hand-knitting wool.’
    • ‘In addition, he has drawn federal subsidies for the mohair wool his sheep produce.’
    • ‘The house's owner, the elderly founder of the local wool and mohair trading warehouse, passed away and left the place to his grandson.’
    • ‘Lesotho's abundance of cattle, sheep, and goats provides a basis for a wool and mohair industry.’
    • ‘The major exports are manufactures, wool and mohair, food, and livestock.’
    1. 1.1A yarn or fabric made from mohair, typically mixed with wool.
      as modifier ‘a mohair sweater’
      • ‘For our illustration, we chose a tailored skirt suit in a textured wool, mohair, and linen blend.’
      • ‘The clothing is available in a vast variety of weights, with plush effects, blended with silk, mohair, wool and lurex in the ways that make these garments instantly recognizable.’
      • ‘From the toy bears on wheels, they expanded to the production of stuffed toy animals for which they utilized mohair plush, a new fabric woven from the wool of angora goats.’
      • ‘Made from polyamide, wool and mohair, this classic black cardigan features a ribbed neckline and subtle zipper closure.’
      • ‘As it turns out, it's a big, flashy showcase for a flow of greatcoats, crepe dresses and mohair sweaters.’
      • ‘I was still pulling on my mohair sweater over my black t-shirt when I ran into Geri in the lobby.’
      • ‘Sharp points like inverted ice cream cones pushed out of her white mohair sweater.’
      • ‘They were made from wool and mohair, and were beautifully soft and even more importantly hard wearing.’
      • ‘‘This spinning wheel is a little darling,’ she added, deftly teasing out a skein of deep bluey green yarn - a luxury mixture of mohair, merino and silk.’
      • ‘Fluffy-haired and wearing a soft, cherry-coloured mohair sweater, she doesn't look scary.’
      • ‘In the new collection, men and women can also enjoy luxury fabrics such as combinations of silk and worsted, mohair, satin, lace, fur and leather.’
      • ‘Fabrics and colours are luxuriously decadent: red felt, magenta georgette, misty grey mohair, powdery blue sheepskin and sequinned fleece knits.’
      • ‘Aran weight, chunky, pure new wool, merino, cotton dk, 4 ply, mohair, angora; you name it I've probably got it in my stash somewhere.’
      • ‘This is done with 1 skein of Colinette mohair and 3 skeins of Colinette mercury.’
      • ‘The seats are comfortable for old style seats, and are supposedly upholstered in mohair.’
      • ‘The comfortable seats are upholstered with a dark green mohair that enhances the feeling of informality.’
      • ‘By then his celebrity was well established and he wore a dark suit of shiny mohair in a modish cut.’
      • ‘Capes and ponchos in embroidered mohair, short-length jackets are styled with ample sleeves and hugging necklines.’
      • ‘They are made of mohair and wearing costumes similar to those mill workers would have worn in the days when Trowbridge was a woollen industry town.’
      • ‘If you find wool uncomfortable or itchy, you can find sweaters in merino wool, cashmere or mohair, for a softer, almost silky touch - but these can be more pricey, especially cashmere.’



/ˈmōˌher/ /ˈmoʊˌhɛr/


Late 16th century from Arabic muḵayyar ‘cloth made of goat's hair’ (literally ‘choice, select’). The change in ending was due to association with hair.