Definition of Mohegan in English:


(also Mohican)

Pronunciation /mōˈhēɡən/ /moʊˈhiɡən/

nounMohegan, Mohegans

  • 1A member of an Algonquian people formerly inhabiting part of Connecticut.

    Compare with Mahican

    ‘With the advent of war, Plymouth gained support from New England's other colonies and from Mohegans, Pequots, and many Christian Indians.’
    • ‘Occom led many Christian Mohegans away from Connecticut in 1785, to join with other Christian southern New England tribal members in exodus to Brotherton, New York.’
    • ‘Mason, one of the founders of Norwich, and a force of Englishmen and Mohegans, are accused of burning down a Pequot village in 1637 during a war with the tribe.’
    • ‘Uncas's actions were not dictated by the English, but by what Uncas, in a very calculating and clear-eyed manner, saw as necessary for the Mohegans to remain an independent entity.’
    • ‘Queen Ann of England formed Queen Ann's Court and this court ruled in favor of the Mohegans.’
  • 2The Algonquian language of the Mohegan, closely related to Pequot.


  • Relating to the Mohegan or their language.

    ‘Later, during King Philip's War, the colonists battled the Narragansetts with the aid of Mohegan fighters.’
    • ‘The painted stylized stockade, believed to represent the boundaries of ancestral lands, for instance, is often found on Nipmuc and Mohegan baskets.’
    • ‘I left the Dartmouth archive saturated with a sense of the tenuousness of Mohegan life in eighteenth-century New England.’
    • ‘The athlete, a member of the Mohegan tribe, will throw the javelin, shot put and discus and run the 100-meter dash.’
    • ‘Signs provide park information and regulations in both English and Mohegan languages.’


From Mohegan, literally ‘people of the tidal waters’.