Definition of mohel in English:



  • A person who performs the Jewish rite of circumcision.

    ‘The ceremony takes place in the home and is usually performed by a mohel, an observant Jew who may be a rabbi, doctor, or simply one skilled in the technique.’
    • ‘The procedure is performed by a mohel - a person who has mastered the set of Jewish laws regarding circumcision and received extensive practical training.’
    • ‘The child is taken from the mother, and the operation, performed by the mohel, is a predominantly male affair (it is the father's duty to arrange it).’
    • ‘Michelangelo's statue of Moses makes it clear that he was one of Paul's mohelim.’
    • ‘Then the mohel began the naming ceremony, and some relatives and friends offered their wishes for this young life.’



/moil/ /mɔɪl/


Mid 17th century from Hebrew mōhēl.