Definición de Moho en inglés



‘If magmas are extracted from the magma chamber complexes around the Moho, subsequent magmas will not be trapped, and primitive magmas will be able to rise directly to the surface.’
  • ‘These uplift-subsidence cycles may have been caused by episodic plume-related magmatic injection near the Moho and associated fluctuations in dynamic support.’
  • ‘Upon migration, it is evident that they are truncated by subhorizontal reflectivity at c.43 km depth, such that they do not continue across the Moho.’
  • ‘We suggest that primitive magmas ascending from the mantle are normally trapped in magma chamber complexes situated at or near the Moho.’
  • ‘The lower crust beneath the Dzhabyk batholith is only weakly reflective and the Moho is not imaged.’



/ˈmōhō/ /ˈmoʊhoʊ/