Definition of moisture-laden in English:



  • (of air or clouds) carrying a lot of moisture.

    ‘the distant mountains are almost completely obscured by moisture-laden air’
    • ‘Fat, moisture-laden snowflakes were blown sideways by wind gusting to 48 kph.’
    • ‘On the strip between the ocean and coastal mountains, offshore winds carry moisture-laden air which is dumped onto the land.’
    • ‘These rotating vortexes draw in additional moisture-laden air into the front part of the storm allowing it to intensify further.’
    • ‘A warm, mild day is frequently changed to a cold one by a moisture-laden wind suddenly blowing from the northeast.’
    • ‘The higher snowfalls fit with scientific models that show global warming will cause increased mountain precipitation due to more moisture-laden storms rolling off the Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘The hydrological cycle is driven by the evaporation of water from both land and ocean surfaces and the lateral movement of moisture-laden air to the continents.’
    • ‘In alpine climates, where scarce water limited plant growth, erosion of moisture-laden soils resulted in significant loss of plant growth.’
    • ‘Warm front condensation occurs when relatively warm moisture-laden air from the exterior enters into a relatively cold building, following a change in weather from cold to warm.’
    • ‘The fan then blows a stream of air over the moisture-laden wick, evaporating moisture and blowing the cooled air out into the room.’
    • ‘In the southern hemisphere it is the meeting place of the dry east to southeast winds generated by the subtropical highs, and the moisture-laden northwesterly monsoon winds.’
    • ‘Convection heating allows less use of electricity but it also takes twice as long to dry bulky, moisture-laden foods like tomatoes and peaches.’
    • ‘The climate is dominated by two great seasonal movements of air: the moisture-laden summer monsoon from the South Pacific and the cold dry winter airstream from Siberia.’
    • ‘Condensation occurs when warm moisture-laden air comes in contact with something that cools it rapidly.’
    • ‘The prevailing, moisture-laden winds from the Atlantic unload their rain here as they cross over these high places, and dozens of brooks and streams flow down.’
    • ‘When tree cover is removed, the initial rainfall from the inland-moving, moisture-laden air simply runs off and returns to the sea.’
    moist, moistened, wettish, dampened, dampish