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(also British moisturiser)
  • A lotion or cream used to prevent dryness in the skin.

    ‘every night I take off my makeup with baby lotion and then put moisturizer on’
    • ‘skincare products such as moisturizers’
    • ‘She has developed a line of cosmetics, and skin care comprising of moisturizers, lotions, bath and body products and make-up to share this gift of beauty with the world.’
    • ‘Hand lotions or skin moisturizers are either humectants or lipids.’
    • ‘Commonly used in moisturizers, emollients lubricate the skin and give the cosmetic product a smooth, soft feeling.’
    • ‘Does the manufacturer recommend compatible lotions or skin moisturizers?’
    • ‘This old-fashioned diaper cream is a good moisturizer and can help skin heal.’
    • ‘Regular use of a moisturizer can help prevent the dry skin that is common in winter.’
    • ‘Creams and lotions are moisturisers and better for people with dry skin.’
    • ‘Cleanse the skin at frequent intervals with warm water and a mild, pH - balanced cleansing agent, then apply moisturizers and a barrier cream as indicated.’
    • ‘For maximum benefit, skin moisturizers should be applied generously before the longest period of no hand-washing activity (eg, before going to bed).’
    • ‘She kept the grey hair covered, massaged age-defying moisturizers into her skin, and met with her personal fitness trainer twice a week.’
    • ‘Facial moisturizers help hydrate the skin on your face.’
    • ‘There are many other cream and lotion moisturizers on the market that have not been listed here because of space constraints.’
    • ‘After removing the dead cells, you need to soothe the irritated skin by applying moisturizers appropriate for your skin type.’
    • ‘She also avoids milky cleansers and lotion moisturizers, which she associates with breakouts.’
    • ‘Put a moisturizer on your skin three or four times during the day.’
    • ‘Without moisturizer, your skin may become dry and flaky and possibly even painful, red, itchy and sore.’
    • ‘Put moisturizer on your skin immediately after a bath or shower, while your skin is still wet.’
    • ‘Gently massage the moisturizer into facial skin with smooth upward strokes.’
    • ‘It involves a machine that sprays atomised moisturisers onto the skin using a stream of pressurised oxygen.’
    • ‘As central heating and the resulting dry air take their toll, combat dry, flaky skin by swapping your daily face cream for a super-rich moisturiser.’
    lotion, cream, balm, emollient, salve, unguent, lubricant
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/ˈmoisCHəˌrīzər/ /ˈmɔɪstʃəˌraɪzər/