Definition of mojarra in English:



  • A small, typically silvery fish with a very protrusible mouth. It is particularly abundant in shallow coastal and brackish waters of tropical America.

    Family Gerreidae: several genera and numerous species

    ‘The men reminisced about hearing the bell while night-fishing for mojarra and boneless quishele to sell in the market.’
    • ‘Flagfin mojarra has a dark marking on the dorsal fin with a white stripe just below the dark marking.’
    • ‘Striped mojarra live in shallow coastal waters and occasionally travel quite a distance into freshwater.’
    • ‘Several taxa (mojarras and catfish) were estuarine and peripheral, and the rest, small fishes sold fresh or fried, were reportedly from local rivers.’
    • ‘Only the turkey wing clam and the mojarras (two species that have been exploited only relatively recently) show recent landings that are above the peak landings on a five-year running mean.’



/mōˈhärə/ /moʊˈhɑrə/


Mid 17th century (denoting an unidentifited fish similar ot a mullet): from American Spanish.