Definition of mojito in English:


Pronunciation /mōˈhēdō/ /moʊˈhidoʊ/


  • A cocktail consisting of white rum, lime or lemon juice, sugar, mint, ice, and sparkling water or club soda.

    • ‘No matter what time of year you go to Cuba there will be music and wonderful cocktails - Cuba Libres, daiquiris and mojitos - based on the island's native rum.’
    • ‘Mint fans should try a mojito, the classic rum cocktail of Cuba, another delightfully decadent holiday drink.’
    • ‘We got pitchers of mojitos and sangria, and I was tipsy in about three minutes.’
    • ‘With a cocktail list that has everything from a peppered strawberry martini to a passionfruit mojito, you can get your five portions of fruit and veg without resorting to salad.’
    • ‘‘That doesn't make sense,’ Raoul said to me one evening over mojitos, the Cuban national cocktail.’


1930s Cuban Spanish, from mojo + diminutive suffix -ito.



/mōˈhēdō/ /moʊˈhidoʊ/