Definition of mold-breaking in English:



(British mould-breaking)
  • Characterized by bold originality; pioneering.

    ‘it was a controversial and mold-breaking TV drama’
    • ‘He is a man of his time, with mould-breaking ideas for the largest sporting organisation in the country.’
    • ‘For all the talk of a new mould-breaking, inclusive, post-racial politics, the cultural divide never went away.’
    • ‘Privatisation, which became one of the most mould-breaking features of her premiership, is barely mentioned.’
    • ‘The design of this new sedan was not intended to be mould-breaking or too bold.’
    • ‘He serves as a model for mould-breaking artists everywhere.’
    • ‘The overall effect managed to be mould-breaking, slightly sinister and effortlessly commercial at the same time.’
    • ‘Jackson is an English musical eccentric who has never settled to anything much, except writing remarkable and mould-breaking songs.’
    • ‘She has already proved herself to be a remarkable, mould-breaking talent.’
    • ‘This isn't a mould-breaking piece of cinema, but refreshingly - it doesn't try to be.’
    • ‘Her fiction is not mould-breaking, but she writes beautifully and her characters are exquisitely drawn.’
    • ‘It was a genuinely innovative, mould-breaking cult comedy of the highest order.’
    innovative, inventive, creative, disruptive, innovatory, innovational, seminal, original, new, novel, fresh, unconventional, unorthodox, off-centre, unusual, unfamiliar, ingenious, unprecedented, avant-garde, experimental