Definition of moldable in English:



(British mouldable)

See mold

‘While that kind of precision was difficult in 1945, the advent of mouldable plastic explosives and digital timers has rendered it much easier.’
  • ‘Together, the new technologies gave Europe and the United States an abundant and inexpensive, rigid yet moldable, material, which was an important contribution to the industrial revolution.’
  • ‘Educational systems that discourage students perpetuate the creation of obedient, moldable, passive, and low-paid future workers incapable of changing systems.’
  • ‘If the fractures are only in the lumbar spine, other types of lumbar corset devices may be used; those with a hard, moldable lumbar support provide the best stabilization.’
  • ‘Europeans were fascinated with rubber's attributes: it was elastic, waterproof, strong, springy, and moldable.’
  • ‘In the late 1950s moldable polyurethanes were produced.’
  • ‘It's not injection moldable which makes the film approach more sensible.’
  • ‘You have finally found another life, a sculptable, moldable, replayable thing.’



/ˈmōldəb(ə)l/ /ˈmoʊldəb(ə)l/