Definition of mole salamander in English:

mole salamander


  • A stocky, broad-headed North American salamander which spends much of its life underground.

    Family Ambystomatidae: several genera, in particular Ambystoma, and numerous species, including A. talpoideum

    ‘Examples of these organisms include wood frogs, mole salamanders, and fairy shrimp.’
    • ‘During early Spring, some mole salamanders are known for their mass migrations to breeding sites, converging in very large numbers on ponds over the course of two or three days.’
    • ‘This spring, more than 200 Rhode Islanders in two dozen communities took turns playing crossing guard: for mole salamanders and wood frogs migrating across highways.’


mole salamander

/mōl ˈsaləˌmandər/ /moʊl ˈsæləˌmændər/