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molecular biology

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  • The branch of biology that deals with the structure and function of the macromolecules (e.g. proteins and nucleic acids) essential to life.

    ‘A central paradigm of molecular biology is that a protein's structure is determined by its amino acid sequence.’
    • ‘It has become an integral and essential element of biotechnology and molecular biology, transforming the very way in which modern biology is conducted.’
    • ‘There has been an explosion in our understanding of the biology and molecular biology of lung cancer over the past decade.’
    • ‘Modulating gene expression and exploring gene function are major aims in molecular biology.’
    • ‘In the fall, Juliet plans to study biochemistry, molecular biology, and environmental science.’
    • ‘The characterization of the protein folding process represents one of the major challenges in molecular biology.’
    • ‘His work utilizes techniques from membrane biophysics and cell and molecular biology.’
    • ‘In many cases, these mutants are characterized with regard to phenotype, physiology and molecular biology.’
    • ‘At this level of inquiry, psychology, neuroscience, and molecular biology closely interact.’
    • ‘Bacteriophages have served as an historical centerpiece in the development of molecular biology.’
    • ‘During the past two decades, we have witnessed exponential growth in the fields of genetics and molecular biology.’
    • ‘His research focuses on plant molecular biology, genetics, and bioinformatics.’
    • ‘The integration of molecular biology and paleontology can address many large-scale questions.’
    • ‘The book is set out with the chapters concerning genomics and molecular biology at the beginning, and those covering physiology at the end.’
    • ‘Modern molecular biology and biotechnology are hugely dependent on an underlying understanding of chemistry.’
    • ‘The combination of Darwinism and molecular biology has created the orthodoxy known as neo-Darwinism.’
    • ‘It's true that subjects like organic chemistry and molecular biology are notably non-mathematical.’
    • ‘With the emergence of molecular biology and genetics, these two points of view have become ever more synthesized.’
    • ‘Researchers have turned to the science of molecular biology in an attempt to decipher this complex problem.’
    • ‘This work now involves electron microscopy and comparative molecular biology to estimate relationships.’


molecular biology

/məˈˌlekyələr bīˈäləjē/ /məˈˌlɛkjələr baɪˈɑlədʒi/