Definition of molluscum contagiosum in English:

molluscum contagiosum

Pronunciation /mäˌləskəm kənˌtājēˈōsəm/ /mɑˌləskəm kənˌteɪdʒiˈoʊsəm/


  • A chronic viral disorder of the skin characterized by groups of small, smooth, painless pinkish nodules with a central depression, that yield a milky fluid when squeezed.

    ‘Waxy, painless, skin-colored bumps called molluscum contagiosum, are also caused by a virus.’
    • ‘In addition to infections with Staphylococcus aureus and rarely with Herpes simplex, children with atopic eczema are also susceptible to common warts and molluscum contagiosum.’
    • ‘The papules may enlarge to form nodules and plaques, umbilicate to mimic molluscum contagiosum, or progress to shallow ulcerations.’
    • ‘Although the prevalence of molluscum contagiosum is not known, one of six Dutch children have visited their doctor for the condition.’
    • ‘Trial applications of 1% imiquimod cream three time a day for five days a week for the treatment of molluscum contagiosum resulted in resolution in over 80% of patients and lesions.’


Early 19th century from Latin molluscum (as a noun denoting a kind of fungus), neuter of molluscus + contagiosum (neuter of contagiosus ‘contagious’).