Definition of Molly Maguire in English:

Molly Maguire

(also Mollie Maguire)

Pronunciation /ˌmɒli məˈɡwʌɪə/


  • 1A member of a secret society formed in Ireland in 1843 in order to resist evictions from land for the non-payment of rent.

  • 2A member of a union of mineworkers said to have been responsible for strikes and acts of violence and sabotage in the coalfields of Pennsylvania and West Virginia between 1862 and 1876. Also in plural With the. The organization itself.


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in Freeman's Journal. Probably from the name of Molly Maguire, supposed Irish widow said to have led or inspired the Irish activists of the 1840s, though compare quots. 1868 at sense 1 and 1908 at sense 1, and compare molly.