Definición de molybdate en inglés


Pronunciación /məˈlibˌdāt/ /məˈlɪbˌdeɪt/


  • A salt in which the anion contains both molybdenum and oxygen, especially one of the anion MoO₄²⁻.

    ‘Ammonium molybdate was added to all reactions to inhibit activity from non-specific phosphatases.’
    • ‘The ready restoration of biosynthesis by removal of tungstate suggests that the molybdate is weakly held by the enzyme and that xanthoxal is its substrate.’
    • ‘It is noteworthy that the values obtained for the wild type in cells grown in the presence of molybdate are lower for nitrate reductase and nicotinate hydroxylase.’
    • ‘‘Even if a system is known to have minimal leakage, regular testing for nitrite or molybdate is recommended,’ he says.’
    • ‘As yet no gene responsible for a Mo transporter has been identified, although there is some evidence that molybdate may be taken up by the phosphate and/or sulphate transporter.’


Late 18th century from molybdic (acid), a parent acid of molybdates, + -ate.