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informal, dialect North American, British
  • One's mother.

    • ‘my mom gave us each a slice of pizza’
    • ‘I'm waiting for Richard and Mom to get home’
    • ‘Some moms have a hard time facing the fact that their daughters are growing up and becoming young women.’
    • ‘This accredited course is designed for moms, dads, parents-to-be or those in care of infants.’
    • ‘For the moms, the days of getting up little late seemed to have ended.’
    • ‘The girls all met by the time they were 5 years old and their moms became friends in the process.’
    • ‘There is good news tonight on helping single moms back to work and off welfare.’
    • ‘In one of the most dramatic shifts our society has seen, two-thirds of all moms also work outside the home.’
    • ‘The moms sit in the kitchen drinking strong coffee and sharing pie and good conversation while the kids all run amok.’
    • ‘Why do we wait for one day a year to tell our moms, wives, we love them?’
    • ‘One of the other moms ran home and grabbed some trunks for the boy and he quickly went to romp with the other kids.’
    • ‘The group started a program for moms and tots that is still going today.’
    • ‘Many workers, particularly working moms, wanted flexible and reduced work times.’
    • ‘Tomorrow is the weekly park playdate I set up for the summer with the preschool moms.’
    • ‘A great many expectant moms work right up until the day they go into labour.’
    • ‘The moms and dads were as impressed with the inside of the cottage as the children were.’
    • ‘I open up my bathroom cabinet and realise I even have the same products my mom had.’
    • ‘All of a sudden my mom picks up the salt and pepper shakers and throws them at my dad's head.’
    • ‘They had a tiny office in the building my mom worked in, a kilometre or two from my house.’
    • ‘His mom had taken him out to get a new pair of shoes, but he found a problem with every one he tried.’
    • ‘My mom made it her duty to make countless trips to the ministry to get them to place me in a school.’
    • ‘People must wonder why my mom and daddy let us do that, but we were so wild that they couldn't control us.’



/mäm/ /mɑm/


Mid 19th century abbreviation of momma. Compare with mum.