Definition of momentariness in English:



See momentary

‘The thesis of the momentariness of human existence has had a recent defender in Derek Parfit.’
  • ‘Despite their momentariness within the whole work, it is probable that a late 15 th-century audience familiar with the chanson would have found these quotations striking.’
  • ‘Despite the extreme artificiality and banality of this Hollywood equation, he manages to convey some of the charged momentariness of a real-life encounter.’
  • ‘The world's very vividness and poignancy results from the momentariness of our experience.’
  • ‘Nothing is excluded, which aids in recreating a feeling of spontaneity and momentariness.’



/ˈmōmənˌterēnəs/ /ˈmoʊmənˌtɛrinəs/