Definition of momo in English:


nounplural noun momo, plural noun momos

  • (in Tibetan cooking) a steamed dumpling filled with meat or vegetables.

    ‘Tibetan influences are also found, such as in momo - steamed or fried meat or vegetables in dough.’
    • ‘Her recommendations range blithely from the momo at street stalls in Majnu ka Tilla to the Bukhara at the Maurya Sheraton.’
    • ‘"Up in my village, people are starving," he said as he put another momo in his mouth.’
    • ‘We began with an order of vegetable momo ($5.95), steamed dumplings filled with a purée of mixed vegetables and chopped onions - a popular appetizer in Nepal.’
    • ‘Noodles (chau chau) are popular in Nepal, as are the meat-stuffed dumplings called momo; these reflect the Chinese influence mediated through Tibet.’
    • ‘We enjoyed ours with another tasty Tibetan staple, sha momo, minced-meat dumplings flavored with ginger, onion, and garlic.’
    • ‘The momo itself is sheer, like a Chinese pot sticker, but I prefer the less-refined momos of Nepal, which are bigger, doughier and more potato-y.’
    • ‘Within minutes, the beef momos had arrived, the six of them neatly lined up like crusty little soldiers.’
    • ‘We are refilling our bodies with liquids and plate after plate of wonderful vegetables, fried rice, and momos.’
    • ‘The four-day event will have a wide variety of lip smacking soya recipes, including tikka, patties and salads in Italian dressing and momos.’
    • ‘So we had momos at Chanakya and then came home and stayed up all night just catching up!’
    • ‘There are the popular dim sums, the steamed dumplings filled with prawns, chicken or vegetables, and fried or steamed momos and wantons with similar fillings.’
    • ‘We order some Tibetan beer and momos (vegetable dumplings) as the band starts into a passable version of John Lennon's ' Jealous Guy '.’
    • ‘The fields yield paddy, their cattle are well fed and fat, water is well guided, they have their own eateries serving their favourite beef-filled momos and noodle dishes.’
    • ‘Delicious momos (dumplings) and noodle dishes were all prepared in a flash.’
    • ‘Boudhanath has several good rooftop restaurants selling steamed Tibetan momos, but the Hilton is a stone's throw away if you really need to get away from it all.’
    • ‘We got a dish of doughy pockets called momos as a shared appetizer, although it's designed as a meal, including soup and salad ($6.99 - $7.99 for eight, steamed or fried).’



/ˈmōmō/ /ˈmoʊmoʊ/