Definition of mompreneur in English:



(British mumpreneur)
  • A woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.

    • ‘it's no coincidence that the rise of the mompreneurs comes as more highly educated women are choosing to stay at home with young children’
    • ‘Here's an insight into mumpreneurs juggling the world of working for a top fashion company and motherhood.’
    • ‘'Mumpreneurs' have been selling their products on websites such as eBay and Etsy, while scouring discount sites for bargains.’
    • ‘Keen to help other budding mumpreneurs, Ms Hocking has organised a two-day business conference.’
    • ‘A major factor behind the growth in mumpreneurs is the rising cost of childcare.’
    • ‘'Mumpreneurs' are said to be bolstering the economy.’
    • ‘What's your best advice to dad & mompreneurs who have a passion outside a 'regular' career, but are afraid to follow an unorthodox path?’
    • ‘Like many "mompreneurs," I chose to bring convenience to parents.’
    • ‘Are you a mompreneur looking to promote your product with affordable PR?’
    • ‘Experiencing a rare moment alone, the busy mompreneur looked exhausted as she browsed through the store.’
    • ‘What advice would you give a mompreneur who is interested in starting her own business, specifically in your industry?’



/mämprəˈnər/ /mɑmprəˈnər/


1990s blend of mum or mom + entrepreneur.