Definition of monarchism in English:



  • Support for the principle of having a monarch as the ruler of a state.

    ‘his condemnation of parliamentary sovereignty was in line with his lifelong monarchism’
    • ‘It is certain that National Socialism does not favor monarchism and is definitely republican in conviction.’
    • ‘Though this displays the conservative side to Scottish nationalism, it is not objectionable to the Catholic hierarchy who can co-exist with the market, monarchism and militarism.’
    • ‘It is difficult to know whether inevitabilism is genuine support for the republic or rather amounts to a form of monarchism.’
    • ‘How does he reconcile Dante's monarchism with modern egalitarianism?’
    • ‘There reason to see the Church as an agent of monarchism and social hierarchy.’
    • ‘The rather weak excuse some of them gave for their obvious enthusiasm was that it wasn't so much monarchism that they hated, but the British monarchy.’
    • ‘If you challenge the subjectivity of judgment, you are accused of absolutism, which is about as bad as believing in monarchism or the persecution of witches.’
    • ‘That is, the long-term result of the whole dirty business is just as likely to be the consolidation of our form of constitutional monarchism.’
    • ‘For the sake of those who have given up on democracy and are reverting to monarchism: the people are against this war.’
    • ‘Between the uncircumscribed freedom of parliamentarism and a presidentialism that resembles monarchism, the latter is preferable.’
    • ‘His monarchism was held against him after the 1917 Revolution, until Stalin revealed his liking for him.’
    • ‘Preferring to be a citizen rather than a subject, I had misgivings that this would convert me to monarchism - in fact, it revitalised my republicanism.’
    • ‘Conservatives were reassured when at the end of 1921 Fascism became an organized party, the Partito Nazionale Fascista, and embraced monarchism and liberal economics.’
    • ‘The early part of the 1990s, when monarchism dared not speak its name and supporters of the Crown felt as though they were a beleaguered minority, seems like a bygone age.’
    • ‘Speaking as a republican for reasons of well-founded political cynicism, I don't recall monarchism at a lower ebb.’
    • ‘Adams's Federalist presidency was more bitter still, and the 1800 rematch produced charges of atheism and libertinism against Jefferson, and of monarchism against Adams.’
    • ‘Radical political exiles used the Kaspar Hauser story as a way to attack German monarchism.’
    • ‘He is best known for defending monarchism on the technical grounds of time-preference.’
    kingship, sovereignty, autocracy, monocracy, absolutism, absolute power, despotism



/ˈmänərkizəm/ /ˈmɑnərkɪzəm/


Late 18th century from monarchy + -ism, after French monarchisme.