Definition of monazite in English:



  • A brown crystalline mineral consisting of a phosphate of cerium, lanthanum, other rare earth elements, and thorium.

    ‘The unusual age zonation is probably linked to the mineralogical association of monazite and apatite during metamorphic reactions.’
    • ‘I dutifully explained that the smoky spots were probably the result of natural irradiation caused by many tiny radioactive mineral grains, possibly monazite or xenotime.’
    • ‘They are found in minerals such as monazite and bastnasite, the main sources of which are in China and the USA.’
    • ‘Detrital monazite will not survive sedimentary recycling as well as zircon, so it provides a better estimate of the age of the most recent terrane erosion.’
    • ‘Eighteen analyses of detrital zircon and one of monazite were carried out for the late Silurian sandstone.’



/ˈmänəˌzīt/ /ˈmɑnəˌzaɪt/


Mid 19th century from German Monazit, from Greek monazein ‘live alone’ (because of its rare occurrence).