Definition of Monday morning quarterback in English:

Monday morning quarterback

Pronunciation /ˈmənˌdā/ /ˈmənˌdeɪ/ /ˈməndē ˈmôrniNG ˈkwôrdərˌbak/ /ˈməndi ˈmɔrnɪŋ ˈkwɔrdərˌbæk/


informal North American
  • A person who passes judgment on and criticizes something after the event.

    • ‘Critics and Monday morning quarterbacks are a dime a dozen, but it remains to be seen.’
    • ‘I'm getting a little sick and tired of the Monday morning quarterbacks out there determining that she did something wrong.’
    • ‘Put aside the fact that this commission is supposed to be finding out what actually happened, not drawing up plays like Monday morning quarterbacks.’
    • ‘There were many Monday morning quarterbacks, who now say why didn't you do it?’
    • ‘Keeping in mind the notion that the best quarterback is a Monday morning quarterback, if I had it to do over, this is what I would have done differently.’
    • ‘So I think it's pretty easy to be a Monday morning quarterback here, but in fact I think everybody has handled this very well.’
    • ‘If there is anything easier than being a Monday morning quarterback, it is promising to do great things in the future.’
    • ‘The bottom line is that I don't believe any of the Monday morning quarterbacks who now claim that they knew back then that Foreman matched up favorably vs Frazier.’
    • ‘The Monday morning quarterbacks in the squadron, all senior aviators, asked me why I simply had not done a dirty on-speed check to determine my fuel state.’
    • ‘‘It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback for all of us,’ he told the racing magazine.’
    • ‘We know the feeling of pain that comes with mistakes, and no one needs the added pain of listening to a Monday morning quarterback.’
    • ‘He doesn't think the current scene is perfect, but he's willing to get involved and help change things rather than take the strictly critical position of Monday morning quarterback.’
    • ‘There are already some Monday morning quarterbacks questioning the Pentagon's strategy, particularly, do they have enough armor, heavy armor on the ground?’
    • ‘At other times, what is revealed is a serious lack of poker understanding on the part of Monday morning quarterback criticizing the play of one of the televised players.’
    • ‘Would his great line that ‘No Monday morning quarterback ever won a game’ be enough to soothe those doubts?’
    • ‘So you know, like I said, we can play Monday morning quarterback all we want, but they had to deal with what they had at the time.’
    • ‘Now, after a Reserve Bank of Australia-inspired rise of 0.25% pa in the daily cash rate, the chattering commentariat is questioning the move and playing Monday morning quarterback.’
    • ‘Now it's easy to play Monday morning quarterback in situations like this, but hasn't a big cable company deal been the dream all along?’
    • ‘Yes, I know: hindsight is always 20 / 20, and every Monday morning quarterback scores a touchdown.’