Definition of mondo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmändō/ /ˈmɑndoʊ/


informal US
  • Used in reference to something very striking or remarkable of its kind (often in conjunction with a pseudo-Italian adjective)

    • ‘I think it's going to be mondo weirdo this year, Andy’
    • ‘Even though I'm not going for tacky, the 99-cent stores are coming in handy, because the red ball ornaments there are mondo cheapo.’
    • ‘They believe he will have a serious re-election fight on his hands next year and needs mondo cash to wage it.’
    • ‘Some girls feel fine with it, but many feel shaken up by this mondo change in their bodies.’
    • ‘This is mondo cool because the package comes packed in dry ice and it's a very showy gift.’
    • ‘My mom has this guy who she's like obsessed with to mondo degrees, who's just not right for her.’
    • ‘You trusted him with this mondo secret, that means a lot to him!’
    • ‘Sorry I've been such bad company, I've got a mondo headache.’
    • ‘Right now the bigger-ticket item is the software to power the mondo servers that do everything from dishing up programming to managing anti-piracy protection for video content.’
    • ‘You do remember me telling you that Louis is my best friend and that's why it's a problem that he has a mondo crush on me, right?’
    • ‘I'm gonna make the next chapter super mondo gruesome.’
    • ‘Did you see the way he jumped for joy after that mondo bizarro left-to-short double play to end Oakland's 10-inning win at Boston last Friday?’
    • ‘It's a good laugh for them, but a mondo amount of headaches for me.’
    • ‘There are those mondo big houses and I'm just walking through this neighborhood in jeans and a grey spaghetti strap shirt.’
    • ‘He had a mondo crush on her, and at the moment, it bothered her.’
    • ‘He notes he has adapted to no-huddles, mondo replays and screen clutter.’
    • ‘Your welcome for the update, and I'm mondo sorry this one took so long.’
    • ‘The filmmakers may not be the Zucker brothers, but at least they know how to get a few laughs out of mondo tomatoes on the loose.’
    • ‘Wrap a whippet-thin rhinestone sash or a leather belt with a mondo flashy buckle around your waist.’
    • ‘It'll be a rather quiet weekend for mondo rumpshakers, but there are a few events that'll keep the stomp in your week.’
    • ‘I also have a mondo cold right now, so if things don't make sense, that's why.’


informal US
  • Very striking or remarkable.

    • ‘listen to the mondo autotune with the quick correction time on it’


1960s from Italian Mondo Cane, literally ‘dog's world’, the title of a film (1961) depicting bizarre behavior.