Definition of monetarist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmänəˌterəst/ /ˈmɑnəˌtɛrəst/

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noun & adjective

See monetarism

‘In particular, the leading schools have been the conservative Keynesians, the Milton Friedman monetarists, and the supply-siders.’
  • ‘Over many recent decades, both Keynesians and monetarists have generally at one time or another favored both fixed and flexible exchange rate regimes.’
  • ‘The monetarists are hopelessly hamstrung by their fixation on narrow money.’
  • ‘The organization also remains committed to a contractionary and anti-inflationary, monetarist role for monetary policy rather than an expansionary and reflationary, Keynesian one.’
  • ‘The Bank's failure has cast into doubt the monetarist framework that has underpinned the government's economic policy.’