Definition of money-back in English:



  • Denoting an agreement or guarantee that provides for the customer's money to be refunded if not satisfied.

    ‘they gave me a 30 day money-back guarantee’
    • ‘From sweets to saris and much more, the website offers a range of special festive gifts with money-back guarantees for customer and recipient.’
    • ‘Florida is the only state that provides something approaching a money-back guarantee for its public schools.’
    • ‘As a traditional personal trainer, I never felt confident providing a money-back guarantee.’
    • ‘It is unlikely non-commercial customers will often suffer them and a money-back guarantee will suffice.’
    • ‘‘We were giving money-back guarantees, and we had a policy that if you'd seen it once, you could come back again for free,’ explains Murphy.’
    • ‘You have the option of paying a $29.95 flat fee to cover large amounts, but that doesn't include the money-back guarantee.’
    • ‘If it isn't working for you, and you can't tell us how to fix it, then please be assured that you're covered under our full money-back guarantee.’
    • ‘Clients will be given a 100 per cent money-back guarantee.’
    • ‘If it doesn't, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.’
    • ‘All workshops come with a money-back guarantee.’
    • ‘But none of us comes with a money-back guarantee for longevity.’
    • ‘They offer a money-back guarantee during the first 15 days, so users will have ample opportunity to evaluate the product.’
    • ‘I was skeptical, but it had a money-back guarantee, so I bought one.’
    • ‘As usual, it'll be limited to less than 30 people, and, as usual, it comes with a money-back guarantee.’
    • ‘Suppliers generally take a dim view of efforts to return merchandise; they offer no money-back guarantees.’
    • ‘He's now selling it with a money-back guarantee if you don't like it.’
    • ‘Our money-back guarantee contains no fine print or misleading terms.’
    • ‘The company owners also refused to honor their money-back guarantee, committing yet another fraud.’
    • ‘They found they could consistently advance a conservative agenda by offering a money-back guarantee.’
    • ‘Each item is made to order, and all items come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.’



/ˈmənēbak/ /ˈmənibæk/