Definition of money-grubber in English:


(also money-grabber)

Pronunciation /ˈmənēˌɡrəbər/ /ˈməniˌɡrəbər/

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See money-grubbing

‘And everyone - aristocrats, bohemians, and philosophers alike - denounced the bourgeoisie as selfish money-grubbers.’
  • ‘So you have the original and you bought the re-mastered version last year - why should you keep shelling out the bucks to these money-grubbers?’
  • ‘Let's help drive all these money-grubbers crazy by demanding real campaign finance reform.’
  • ‘Whatever else he might be - seedy scribbler or arrogant money-grubber - he had excellent sources and they had been prepared to talk.’
  • ‘The audience took great pleasure in heckling the pair, accusing both of being unscrupulous money-grubbers.’