Definition of money-making in English:


(also moneymaking)

Pronunciation /ˈmənēˌmākiNG/ /ˈməniˌmeɪkɪŋ/

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  • Producing a profit, especially with little effort; profitable.

    ‘he hit on an unusual money-making scheme’
    • ‘We quickly turned our attention to almost any moneymaking scheme we could cook up.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, most of his moneymaking schemes tended to fail.’
    • ‘Numerous moneymaking schemes rely on pyramids: the recruitment of spiralling numbers of people in order to throw more money into the mix.’
    • ‘The moneymaking machine springs to life like the monster it is.’
    • ‘The product offered is merely the excuse to legitimize the real and probably illegal moneymaking scam.’
    • ‘And of course, practice makes the job perfect and moneymaking.’
    • ‘Sadly though, not all blackjack mistakes merely reduce your profit on a moneymaking hand.’
    • ‘We two women were able to enlist the whole Northwest in a great philanthropic, moneymaking enterprise.’
    • ‘Fitzgerald stopped doing this, as he wanted to work on his novels to write moneymaking popular fiction for the rest of his life.’
    • ‘The defence tried to show the mother was behind several moneymaking schemes and angrily rejected people who sought to give her anything but cash.’
    • ‘Plus this would make for a real moneymaking tourist destination, with people scrambling to buy t-shirts and cigarettes.’
    • ‘When I was 13, the majority of my once-a-week religion class "friends" looked at confirmation as the best moneymaking venture they were ever forced to embark upon.’
    • ‘Much of it is pirated, to be sure, but a significant portion of it - videogame highlights, say - was never intended to be moneymaking in the first place.’
    • ‘The playoffs are a moneymaking bonus for the teams and the players (contracts cover only the regular season), an important consideration in today's fiscally tight atmosphere.’
    • ‘To keep his moneymaking park clean and crime-free, Zach invested in trash cans and surveillance cameras - and promptly laid off his entire crew of janitors and security guards.’
    • ‘Trafficking in human beings is now the third largest illegal moneymaking venture in the world after illegal weapons and drugs trafficking.’
    • ‘The fact of the matter is, no company makes a lot of moneymaking hybrid vehicles and it's also a small part of the market.’
    • ‘It was supposed to be a moneymaking business, but instead it became a nonprofit venture, looking to expand around the country.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the only two truly old-fashioned moneymaking newspapers in the city are trying to create the opposite illusion.’
    • ‘Moneymaking ventures were envisioned through different types of agriculture, office developments, and an inn.’
    profitable, profit-making, remunerative, lucrative, gainful, paying, successful, financially rewarding, productive, thriving, going


  • The action of earning a lot of money.

    ‘this cynical exercise in moneymaking’
    • ‘The next space station has to have a productive moneymaking task, such as fixing satellites and deorbiting junk.’
    • ‘Simply put, it is harder to publish ‘scholarly’ books now than ever before, particularly as presses dream up ways to turn themselves into moneymaking operations.’
    • ‘They shares certain characteristics, notably an indiscriminate worship of business and moneymaking, a belief in the power of the media, and a contempt for the left.’
    • ‘Much of it is pirated, to be sure, but a significant portion of it - videogame highlights, say - was never intended to be moneymaking in the first place.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, most of his moneymaking schemes tended to fail.’