Definition of money man in English:

money man


  • A person who deals with large amounts of money, especially on behalf of a large organization; a financier.

    • ‘a coast-to-coast crusade by White House hopefuls and their money men’
    • ‘The intrepid director is trying to keep the money men from pulling the plug on his latest venture.’
    • ‘He blames the money men for the sorry state of the business today.’
    • ‘Fashion design can no longer be conducted in an ivory tower; designers have to get down and dirty with the money men.’
    • ‘The point about speculators, greedy money men that they may be, is that they tend to be ruled by the fundamentals.’
    • ‘There must have been some money men in the studio who had their doubts.’
    • ‘The site's management said it had reached its targets but the money men just decided to burn cash elsewhere.’
    • ‘I made those money men sit up and take notice.’
    • ‘Clarence's friend Dick is an actor and has connections with Hollywood money men.’
    • ‘The do-gooders are at it again, and once again they're being manipulated by the money men behind them.’
    • ‘I think it is a wonderful opportunity for the money men in football to refuse their managers money at this time.’
    • ‘He is an activist as well as a money-man.’
    • ‘A deluge of letters and faxes was sent asking NHS money-men to resolve a £1.5m crisis at the world-leading cancer centre.’
    • ‘Every other film on my top-ten was original, and the majority of them took risks that most Hollywood producers and money-men would never understand.’
    • ‘Selling a film idea to the money-men is never easy but there are ways of smoothing the ride.’
    investor, speculator, banker, capitalist, industrialist, tycoon, magnate, business person, businessman, businesswoman, stockbroker


money man

/ˈmənē ˌman/ /ˈməni ˌmæn/