Definition of money pit in English:

money pit


  • An ongoing drain on financial resources, such as a house in frequent need of costly repairs or improvement.

    • ‘your bargain fixer-upper need not become your money pit’
    • ‘Damage or disrepair can turn a bargain into a money pit.’
    • ‘Are big time college sports really a moneymaker for the schools or are they a money pit?’
    • ‘England can't do things without them becoming a money pit.’
    • ‘For outside investors, the Merc looks like a money pit.’
    • ‘Instead, he says, the fund is destined to turn into a money pit.’
    • ‘Instead, the venture turned into a money pit.’
    • ‘In fact, many a successful businessperson has lost his / her fortune in the money pit of the sports fan.’
    • ‘You see, dear reader, the correct translation of the word "chateau" is actually "money pit."’
    • ‘Harper agrees: "Our financial system was a money pit."’
    • ‘He simply digs himself into his self-selected money pit deeper than he's capable of climbing out.’
    • ‘The Finance Committee, meanwhile, voted to recommend against the church's purchase, saying it could turn into a money pit.’
    • ‘We don't want to see this become a money pit for federal dollars.’
    • ‘It is a bigger money pit than the first.’
    • ‘Damn cars, they're a money pit.’
    • ‘My garden appears to be a money pit.’
    • ‘Somebody has to lose all the capital that was poured into this money pit.’
    • ‘Blogs aren't generally money pits—they're time pits.’
    • ‘Obscure stocks can turn into little-known money pits, or they can transform your portfolio into a source of enduring pleasure.’
    • ‘But their houses end up becoming money pits more often than not.’
    • ‘Instead, he has been trapped in the money pits of a recession and two wars.’