Definition of money spider in English:

money spider


  • A very small shiny black spider which is supposed to bring financial luck.

    Family Linyphiidae

    • ‘It's only about half a centimetre long, so it's the scorpion equivalent of a money spider, and as such may not be at the very top of the ‘most deadly’ list.’
    • ‘When we were in the stalls I saw this money spider coming down my horse's neck.’
    • ‘I used to be scared of pretty much all spiders (with the exceptions of money spiders, and those odd little red things about the size of a speck of dust).’
    • ‘Tiny ones like money spiders that come in the house I can swish out with a broom because I don't like to kill them.’
    • ‘And we're not talking about little money spiders either were talking huge great big ones.’


money spider