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money talks

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  • Wealth gives power and influence to those who possess it.

    ‘I twisted Billy's statement to demonstrate that money talks, and therefore gives its bearer power that others lack.’
    • ‘I know money talks but at the end of the day it is always going to be the player's choice as to where he plays his rugby.’
    • ‘The state of the union is that money talks and public policy is sold to the highest bidder.’
    • ‘Meritocracy was not totally absent in this story - if anything, it shows that money talks, but it doesn't necessarily call the shots.’
    • ‘Petitions and letters are nice, but money talks.’
    • ‘I do empathise with the thousands of genuine Manchester United football fans who feel betrayed but the truth of the matter is that money talks.’
    • ‘I think that money talks in the justice system to a shameful degree.’
    • ‘These days, it seems the nouveau riche think that because money talks, they have no need to learn simple things like table manners or even common courtesy.’
    • ‘As you know, money talks in politics and lots of cash can certainly help candidates.’
    • ‘In the world of rock and pop, as everywhere else, money talks.’