Definition of money tree in English:

money tree

Pronunciation /ˈmənē trē/ /ˈməni tri/


  • 1A source of easily obtained or unlimited money.

    ‘there is no magic money tree to solve Britain's economic problems’
    • ‘I wonder where she thinks the government got the money—the magic money tree?’
    • ‘I knew how to shake the money tree’
    • ‘Today's article demonstrates his facility in exploiting the criminal misconduct of others to shake the money tree.’
    • ‘Eight competitive comics will shake the money tree for a shot at the $100 as they search for the audience giggle spot.’
    • ‘Artmakers typically assemble funding from a variety of sources, creating a money tree which, like a delicate house of cards, can collapse if one of the key components is missing.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, he can keep going out there and shaking the money trees.’
    • ‘In a simpler time, tobacco was a money tree for growers and cigarette makers alike.’
    • ‘Business has left in droves over the past year and he is praying that she can return to her tenuous VP posting in his office to shake some money trees.’
    • ‘They say money does not grow on trees, but the players can grow their own money trees - if they plan properly.’
    • ‘They called people they didn't know, met with bankers, and shook every money tree in the forest until they closed the deal.’
    • ‘The pop group had sued once before, relieving the company of USD 50 million and now, someone has decided that its time they shook the money tree once again.’
  • 2Any of various trees associated with good luck, in particular the Guiana chestnut or Malabar chestnut (Pachira aquatica).

  • 3US A real or artificial tree to which people attach paper money, especially as a gift or donation.