Definition of mongrelization in English:



(also British mongrelisation)

See mongrelize

‘I felt I was a token of a world improved by mongrelisation.’
  • ‘It rejoices in mongrelization and fears the absolutism of the Pure.’
  • ‘The last thing I have to say about Fritz is that, well, his is a cuisine that no amount of Swiss / WASP / Montenegran mongrelization is sufficient to explain.’
  • ‘We might even see colonialism itself, in any strict or coherent sense, as a mere effect of all those processes of cultural diffusion, export, copying, fusion, mongrelization or interaction.’
  • ‘Has mongrelisation contributed to the culture, language and writings of the West?’



/ˌmäNGɡrələˈzāSHən/ /ˌməNG-/