Definition of monistic in English:



Philosophy Theology

See monism

‘It will not succeed in this task if it tries to describe reality neutrally in a perspective of observation, whether this occurs in the form of a monistic or pluralistic metaphysics.’
  • ‘Totalitarianism rejects these commitments in the name of a monistic vision of human life and an all-powerful government that seeks to implement that vision.’
  • ‘Instead they have refused assimilation and present themselves as the monistic alternative to the monism of Western modernity.’
  • ‘We presented the monistic theology, held by many Hindus and supported by the Vedas and Agamas, that God is the creator of souls.’
  • ‘A truly monistic view is Spinoza's monism, which holds that there is only one substance, which can be called God or Nature.’



/mänˈistik/ /mōˈnistik/