Definition of monkey flower in English:

monkey flower


  • A plant of boggy ground, having yellow or red tubular, often spotted flowers.

    Genus Mimulus, family Scrophulariaceae: several species, in particular M. guttatus

    ‘This incredibly beautiful desert wouldn't be complete without its gardens of cactus, black brush, yucca, monkey flower, Easter flowers and ferns.’
    • ‘For instance, hummingbirds are attracted to coral bells and columbine in spring, scarlet monkey flower and salvia in summer, and California fuchsia in late summer and fall.’
    • ‘Flowering vines twisting up the cage, and colonies of monkey flower nearby, add charm to the scene.’
    • ‘Tiny lavender monkey flowers, purple and yellow New England asters, and blue-stem prairie grass are thriving between two mounds of refuse blanketed with scrub grass and cattails.’
    • ‘Many others happily adapt to a regular garden irrigation regime: coral bells, monkey flowers, wild strawberry, Western columbine, and wild ginger are examples.’


monkey flower

/ˈməNGkē ˌflou(ə)r/ /ˈməŋki ˌflaʊ(ə)r/