Definition of monkey suit in English:

monkey suit

Pronunciation /ˈməNGkē ˌso͞ot/ /ˈməŋki ˌsut/

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  • A man's evening dress or formal suit.

    • ‘I was in a tuxedo, a monkey suit’
    • ‘So what kind of a job do you have that puts you in a monkey suit on a weekend?’
    • ‘His mother insisted that he dressed somewhat respectful on certain occasions as this one; so he just decided to wear his school uniform, which was basically a monkey suit.’
    • ‘I mowed in peace, then showered, shaved and shed the yard duds for the monkey suit.’
    • ‘That little Napoleon is just a goon in a monkey suit.’
    • ‘He is not a guy in a monkey suit in the new remake by the Oscar winning director.’
    • ‘Try as I might, though, I still can't get the image of the blue monkey suit out of my head.’
    • ‘That looks like a guy in a cheap monkey suit.’
    • ‘On November 2, 1978, I donned a monkey suit and headed for the hotel in Cork and had a nice time chatting with the actress.’
    • ‘‘I could be replaced by the man in the monkey suit,’ he warned MPs.’
    • ‘The town has a history of reacting against Labour's arrogance - notably when an independent candidate in a monkey suit was elected mayor in 2002.’
    • ‘When I finally walked out in the monkey suit I felt so excited.’
    • ‘If a man in a monkey suit or a robo-cop is elected, as has been the case in two previous mayoral elections, the government can handle it.’
    • ‘I'm going to get out of this monkey suit and into something more… decadent!’
    • ‘Eric did the funny bits and Previn, vamped in a de rigueur monkey suit and swishing a baton, looked on aghast.’
    • ‘At six o'clock sharp, a crew of cranky-looking young people dressed up in white monkey suits entered and began dancing.’
    • ‘So we have to put on the monkey suits, get a date, and show up smiling…’
    • ‘Two guys in black monkey suits stepped out of the car.’
    • ‘The only ship we have is being held by creepy men in monkey suits.’
    • ‘There are these five or six gorillas in monkey suits, who look us up and down and frisk us, and then they wave us through these curtains.’
    • ‘In Hull Truck land, men in monkey suits means Bouncers, doesn't it?’