Definition of monkshood in English:



  • An aconite with blue or purple flowers. The upper sepal of the flower covers the topmost petals, giving a hoodlike appearance.

    Genus Aconitum, family Ranunculaceae: several species, including the North American A. uncinatum and the European A. napellus

    ‘The mound, from base to crown, was cloaked in flowers; in monkshood, columbine, goldenrod, blazingstar and others.’
    • ‘If I am diligent I can get an extra few weeks out of the delphiniums, foxgloves and monkshood by removing the spent blooms.’
    • ‘The refuge was established to protect the northern monkshood, a relative of the buttercup that the federal government classifies as a threatened species.’
    • ‘He planted an unusual orange-flowered nasturtium relative, Tropaeolum tuberosum, on this tepee and surrounded it with monkshood, a purple perennial.’
    • ‘Azalea, violets and towering monkshood blended with the coastal wildflowers.’



/ˈməNGksho͝od/ /ˈməŋkshʊd/