Definition of monocarpic in English:


(also monocarpous)

Pronunciation /ˌmänōˈkärpik/ /ˌmɑnoʊˈkɑrpɪk/


  • (of a plant) flowering only once and then dying.

    ‘The presence of a leaf litter cover has been shown to cause seedling mortality in several monocarpic species.’
    • ‘Scarlet gilia is a common monocarpic perennial wildflower of western montane habitats.’
    • ‘Commonly, the apical meristems differentiated into reproductive structures, making these plants monocarpic and determinant in their growth pattern.’
    • ‘Among these are the onset of monocarpic senescence, floral induction and the response of shoot growth to nitrate availability.’
    • ‘Being monocarpic, it dies after flowering but the seeds can be collected and sown every year.’


Mid 19th century from mono-‘single’ + Greek karpos ‘fruit’+ -ic.