Definition of monoclinal in English:




See monocline

‘The conspicuous monoclinal folding of Caledonian nappes in the half-graben above the Hardangerfjord Shear Zone is the most outstanding expression associated with the shear zone.’
  • ‘The result is a monoclinal rollover anticline, its tightness increasing progressively with continued fault displacement.’
  • ‘The subhorizontal or gently northwest-dipping stratification of the nappe stack would rotate during the shearing to form the monoclinal structure.’
  • ‘The rocks are deformed into kilometre-scale monoclinal folds, the axes of which plunge moderately to steeply north northwest.’
  • ‘Movement along the fault involved sharp monoclinal folding of the limestone, which shifted loose blocks within the cavern to the northeast as the entire cavern was tilted in that direction.’



/ˌmänəˈklīnl/ /ˌmɑnəˈklaɪnl/