Definition of monocline in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmänəˌklīn/ /ˈmɑnəˌklaɪn/


  • A bend in rock strata that are otherwise uniformly dipping or horizontal.

    ‘This rotation caused the large-scale monoclines that characterize the footwall geometry of the Güney and Kuzey detachments.’
    • ‘The Triassic limestones are stacked along monoclines of c.1 km thickness gently dipping toward the north.’
    • ‘Ductile fabrics and tectonic boundaries in the southern part of the Cine massif outline a large-scale monocline, the tectonic significance of which is not known.’
    • ‘At any one point in a rift basin, one side is a major fault scarp; the opposite margin is a more gently faulted monocline.’
    • ‘The north-south-trending, east-facing monocline that crosses upper Weardale near the village of Cowshill is the block's only major structural feature and essentially divides it in half.’


Late 19th century from mono-‘single’ + Greek klinein ‘to lean’.