Definition of monocot in English:



  • short for monocotyledon

    ‘The known flora consists of 41 ferns and fern allies, 3 gymnosperms, 291 monocots, and 516 dicots.’
    • ‘Potamogeton pectinatus is an aquatic monocot that overwinters as small tubers in the beds of lakes and rivers where oxygen supply can be severely limited or extinguished.’
    • ‘Conifers resemble monocots rather than dicots in leaf development.’
    • ‘Such herbaceous monocots are envisaged as evolving in the relatively uniform environment of the moist tropics.’
    • ‘Because the blade of grass-type monocots elongate due to activity of the intercalary meristem at the blade base, the tip of the blade is more aged than the base.’



/ˈmänəˌkät/ /ˈmɑnəˌkɑt/