Definition of monocrop in English:



  • A cultivated crop that does not rotate with other crops in a particular field or area.

    as modifier ‘bananas grown in a monocrop system for commercial production’
    • ‘Agricultural economists would have us consider variable and fixed costs in answering that question for monocrops of bell peppers or tomatoes, most often sold at low wholesale prices.’
    • ‘Anderson details colonial policies, the shifting boom/bust extractive efforts (including that of Brazil nuts, turtle oil, tars and caulks, fishing, and plantation monocrops), and the role of the elites in colonization.’
    • ‘They plant monocrops in which hundreds of acres are dedicated to a single plant, and they remain involved in a system in which the typical American meal travels 1,200 miles from farm to fork.’
    • ‘The Green Revolution package that is applied to the main fields includes the use of herbicides, effectively turning maize into a monocrop.’
    • ‘The relative importance of root and shoot competition between individual plants in ryegrass monocrops was determined by inserting metal tubes in the soil around seedlings to exclude root competition.’



/ˈmänəˌkräp/ /ˈmɑnəˌkrɑp/