Definition of monocular in English:


Pronunciation /məˈnäkyələr/ /məˈnɑkjələr/


  • With, for, or in one eye.

    ‘he had only monocular vision’
    • ‘Amblyopia is the most common cause of monocular visual impairment in children and young and middle-aged adults.’
    • ‘In the 15th century, Brunelleschi invented a screen with central apparatus in order to obtain exact perspective - the monocular vision of the camera obscura.’
    • ‘A Land Warrior platoon - each soldier outfitted with body armor, a computerized backpack system and helmet-mounted monocular eyepiece - is also part of the parachute assault.’
    • ‘The lightweight and monocular design provide operational flexibility to leaders, allowing retention of optimized night vision in one eye.’
    • ‘Immunocompromised or monocular patients also warrant closer attention and may require earlier ophthalmologic referral.’
    • ‘All eight observers reported monocular after-effects, opposite to the previously observed induced rotational motion.’
    • ‘The worst survival was for patients with cutaneous, monocular melanoma.’
    • ‘Not exceeding 5 inches in diameter, Pearson's circular drawings set their visual information within a monocular focus.’
    • ‘Measurements were made using a monocular microscope connected to a computer with the image software package.’
    • ‘The functionally monocular athlete should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist before being admitted to participation in a particular sport.’
    • ‘The aiming unit includes an optical head consisting of a stabilisation system, an aiming mark injector and a monocular sight.’
    • ‘Each eye potentially views a significantly duplicate volume ahead and has a large monocular field of view laterally.’
    • ‘The system uses a monocular camera mounted behind the vehicle's windshield to track lanes in front of the vehicle.’
    • ‘An instructor perched behind the twosome watches through a monocular sight.’
    • ‘Newborns with monocular congenital or dense cataracts are at risk for developing deprivation amblyopia.’
    • ‘If possible, all children should have their monocular visual acuity tested before four years of age.’
    • ‘The CH85 attack periscope incorporates a monocular optical system and an infrared system.’
    • ‘Both monocular and binocular loss of vision can lead to falls and life threatening hip fracture.’
    • ‘An athlete is considered monocular when the best corrected visual acuity in the weaker eye is less than 20 / 40.’
    • ‘The functionally one-eyed, or monocular, athlete should take extra precautions.’


  • An optical instrument for viewing distant objects with one eye, like one half of a pair of binoculars.

    ‘Our binoculars and monoculars are backed by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.’
    • ‘The company offers over 20 models, ranging from monoculars to binoculars and goggles.’
    • ‘Contemporary optics, everything from pocket monoculars to the largest telescopes, operate on nearly identical principles to those of the earliest magnifying instruments.’
    • ‘‘I haven't seen any use of monoculars,’ he says.’
    • ‘The monocular is 5cm of optical magic - x8 magnification, close focusing and fits in a shirt pocket.’
    • ‘Hunters will want to use the monocular in lieu of binoculars.’
    • ‘Then, after they have shown their interests, the children could be taught the use of binoculars or a monocular, he said.’
    • ‘It's waterproof, accurate to within + or - one yard, and its 7x optical system is comparable to a good monocular.’
    • ‘Brunton has a fun monocular with an 18’ focus, perfect for butterfly people and the price isn't bad.’
    • ‘I wouldn't have seen them without my monocular - a group of four, one male, with the distinctively tall, black, backward-arching horns, and three females.’
    • ‘With the monocular, I got a clearer view of the object.’
    • ‘I stopped several times to glass the Sheila Face with my monocular, trying to commit every outcrop and ice runnel to memory.’
    • ‘John and I shoveled the snow off the bench outside the Carrel hut and took turns staring up at the Italian Ridge with the monocular.’
    • ‘I hold the monocular against his eye so he won't have to stop belaying.’
    • ‘I settled down on the rocky outcropping I'd chosen as my position and set up my monocular, a decent 15x Leica.’
    • ‘I made a quick scan for hostels, saw none, and switched off the monocular.’
    • ‘Used separately as a monocular, it can help you stargaze, hike to a campsite after dark or keep watch.’
    • ‘Why risk a serious surfing mishap when you can get just as close to the waves with this Outlook travel monocular with high-quality adjustable glass lens?’
    • ‘If I'm going far and moving light, I just carry a little pocket monocular.’
    • ‘Unlike conventional binoculars, where using both eyes is a great advantage, the single-eye view through a night vision monocular will work just fine.’


Mid 17th century from late Latin monoculus ‘having one eye’+ -ar.