Definition of monocyclic in English:



  • 1Chemistry
    Having one ring of atoms in its molecule.

    ‘Clusters containing at least 10 atoms commonly form monocyclic rings.’
    • ‘Benzene is planar and has an uninterrupted cyclic array of three conjugated double bonds arranged in a monocyclic six membered ring.’
    • ‘Limonene synthase catalyses the stereo-specific cyclization of geranyl diphosphate to form a monocyclic monoterpene, limonene.’
    • ‘The syntheses of 4-aminomethyl-phenylazobenzoic acid as well as of the linear, monocyclic, and bicyclic AMPB peptides were reported elsewhere.’
    • ‘Apparently the monocyclic geometry leads to stronger interactions between peptide and chromophore extending also to longer times.’
  • 2Relating to a single cycle of activity.

    ‘Plate homologies between the two basic types of aboral cup construction, monocyclic and dicyclic, were not always as had traditionally been assumed.’
    • ‘Both of these monocyclic crinoids have very few plates in the aboral cup.’
    • ‘Buproprion is a unique monocyclic antidepressant that has structural similarities to amphetamines.’
    • ‘Most breeds are seasonally monocyclic, showing signs of heat every 6 months or so.’



/ˌmänōˈsīklik/ /ˌmɑnoʊˈsaɪklɪk/