Definition of monodic in English:



See monody

‘Tuesday's performance is part of the group's desire to live a musical adventure ‘within the framework of a country which has a great monodic tradition’.’
  • ‘His secular vocal music, monodic and polyphonic, is mainly contained in five volumes of Musiche, and ten volumes of madrigals and villanellas.’
  • ‘The musical treatment ranges from monodic to polyphonic; there are antiphonal passages, most notably when high and low voices alternate in the Christe eleison section.’
  • ‘What's more, his monodic lines were often more flexible.’
  • ‘It was monodic, and was composed in a variety of lyric metres in two or four-line stanzas, including the alcaic stanza, named after him.’



/məˈnädik/ /məˈnɑdɪk/