Definition of monogamist in English:


Pronunciation /məˈnäɡəˌməst/ /məˈnɑɡəˌməst/

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See monogamy

‘Although people are less likely to marry their first sexual partner nowadays, they are often serial monogamists, enjoying one long-term relationship after another.’
  • ‘Burns himself is great as Tommy, the serial monogamist who's trying to stay ethical against all odds.’
  • ‘Within the last twelve months, 32 / 23% of the self-defined monogamists had more than one sexual partner.’
  • ‘Condom use was equally low among all types of monogamists, suggesting that self-definition, rather than relationship length or number of partners, was the primary impetus for abandoning condom use.’
  • ‘People who practice polyamory are entitled to the same respect as those who are monogamists.’