Definition of monogamous in English:


Pronunciation /məˈnäɡəməs/ /məˈnɑɡəməs/

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  • 1Involving marriage to one person at a time.

    ‘under Canadian law all marriages must be monogamous’
    • ‘In a legal sense, most 20th-century marriages involved monogamous, heterosexual relationships.’
    • ‘Virtually all residents enter into sanctified, lifelong monogamous unions.’
    • ‘With the exception of the rare polyandrous societies, virtually all women are in monogamous marriages.’
    • ‘The marriages are not arranged and are monogamous.’
    • ‘Among these cultures, monogamous unions predominate.’
    • ‘Illegitimate children caused a problem for a society that made heterosexual monogamous marriage the only respectable family formation.’
    • ‘The tribal family lives as a nuclear unit and is usually monogamous (only one husband and one wife).’
    • ‘I'm not returning to the monogamous nuclear family, but rather to the large extended family, which in this form probably never existed.’
    • ‘Although historically polygamy was practiced, the marriage system is now monogamous.’
    • ‘The Roman alphabet replaced Arabic writing, the state became exclusively secular, monogamous marriages were introduced, and education was secularized.’
    1. 1.1Having a sexual relationship with only one partner at a time.
      ‘she admits that she has never been strictly monogamous’
      • ‘with me it was a monogamous relationship’
      • ‘Boys and men have a distorted view of masculinity that involves multiple sex partners, while women are supposed to be monogamous.’
      • ‘This is non-exploitive, consensual, monogamous sex in a loving relationship.’
      • ‘You may feel strange and uncomfortable in a monogamous long-term relationship, but you feel under pressure to be in one.’
      • ‘So far as I know, he is in a monogamous relationship, and hence is at no risk for STDs.’
      • ‘As a grown man, he and his monogamous partner of many years took an HIV test.’
      • ‘Faithful to her code, she is serially monogamous—she dumps each man after a newer, bigger fish swims into view.’
      • ‘I wouldn't want to be in a monogamous relationship with someone who stayed with me because they'd feel worthless without a partner.’
      • ‘Even the strategy of serial monogamous relationships is justified by a commitment to passionate love and redemptive romance.’
      • ‘He is a teaching assistant who happens upon lost correspondence to a lover written by a famously monogamous 19th-century poet.’
      • ‘Since a lot of these seniors tend to be monogamous, they're going to have different needs than younger people, who tend to be more free.’
    2. 1.2Zoology Having only one mate at a time.
      ‘penguins form monogamous couples for breeding purposes’
      • ‘Like 90 percent of bird species, but only 3 percent of mammal species, they're monogamous, pair-bonded animals.’
      • ‘The arboreal primates (e.g., lesser apes and marmosets) are often monogamous and provide an additional source of context for human pair-bonding.’
      • ‘The emperor penguins are monogamous for a year, have a baby chicken, and then part their ways.’
      • ‘Usually solitary creatures, desmans form monogamous pairs and mate in springtime.’
      • ‘Naturalists and scientists have maintained that the fox is monogamous and a devoted father.’
      • ‘Butterflyfishes, according to existing research, are characteristically monogamous and pair-forming.’
      • ‘Some damselfish are promiscuous, and still others are monogamous.’
      • ‘They may be found in monogamous pairs, small foraging units, harems, or enormous spawning or feeding groups.’
      • ‘Most monogamous cichlids are virtually indistinguishable, although males are larger than females on average.’
      • ‘Courtship rituals and parental care are common among monogamous pairs.’