Definition of monogenetic in English:



See monogenesis

‘A genetic model describing polygenetic and monogenetic factors for the inheritance of the osteochondral disease was used to detect the presence of a major inheritance gene pigs.’
  • ‘According to the monogenetic theory, Papiamentu originated from a single Afro-Portuguese proto-Creole, that developed as a lingua franca in western Africa.’
  • ‘Theories of origin Various theories have been proposed to account for the origin of pidgin languages, and fall into three broad types: monogenetic, polygenetic, and universalist.’
  • ‘Most linguists reject such a strict monogenetic view because pidgins and Creoles are typically formed through a convergence of linguistic structures from more than one genetic stock.’
  • ‘If genetic engineering were confined to the elimination of monogenetic diseases there would be almost no one, I suspect, who could seriously argue against it.’



/ˌmänəjəˈnedik/ /ˌmɑnədʒəˈnɛdɪk/