Definición de monolingualism en inglés


Pronunciación /ˌmänəˈliNGɡwəˌliz(ə)m/ /ˌmɑnəˈlɪŋɡwəˌlɪz(ə)m/

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See monolingual

‘Saami women went from monolingualism in Saami to monolingualism in Norwegian in a very short period of time without much of a period of transitional bilingualism.’
  • ‘They have learned the difference between bilingualism and monolingualism in a language other than English.’
  • ‘Why is this country with its apparent linguistic diversity heading toward monolingualism?’
  • ‘However, in the boy's case, a push toward monolingualism threatened his literacy and did not help him embrace the dominant culture.’
  • ‘Media attention was paid to his bushy beard, denim jeans, rural accent, and monolingualism.’