Definition of monometallic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmänōməˈtalik/ /ˌmɑnoʊməˈtælɪk/


  • 1Consisting of one metal only.

    • ‘Cast or wrought monometallic aluminum bearings have high load-carrying ability, and can withstand very high speeds.’
    1. 1.1historical Relating to, involving, or using a standard of currency based on one metal.
      ‘A fairly unanimous consensus focusing on money as a means of exchange based on a monometallic standard and leading to a narrow definition of money is developed.’
      • ‘The latter, monometallic, standard has problems of coin size (too small or too large) and of susceptibility to counterfeiting.’
      • ‘The widely accepted belief that originally the United States was on a monometallic ‘gold standard’ is incorrect.’